Friday, 17 February 2017

Absolut Vodka Master Sensory Expert Required

Sweden's vodka Absolut are looking for a new Absolut Sensory Strategy Design Manager when current nose Per Hermansson retires after 40 years in the job.

The job requires that you move to Åhus in Sweden where Absolut is made. A medieval town known for it's summer beaches and plenty of winter sports.

But in this role you'll be travelling the world as you check out the latest trends in food and drink. And then use your tasting skills to create new drinks, run masterclasses about spirits and their distinctive tastes and scents.

The applicant will need to be ‘a tastemaker and trend spotter in everything related to flavour and smell.’ At one with their nose’ and be able to ‘really pay attention to those unconscious bodily sensations’.

Per is the Absolut Master Sensory Designer and advises, ‘This is one of the most complex jobs in the business – you need to be equal parts innovator, chemist, teacher, creator and ambassador.

The applicant needs A ‘creative nose, a trend-sensitive tongue and a love of vodka’, apparently.

So popular is the role that Absolut are not taking any more applications.

Wonder why? But you can always console yourself with a shot of the good stuff.

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