Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Ballerina/Leap! Film Review

I caught Ballerina today, the French Canadian animated movie. I read about it last year and it has since been renamed as Leap!, with the voice of Elle Fanning as little French orphan Félicie who dreams of being a ballerina. And who with her bestie Victor, voiced by Dane DeHann, runs away from their orphanage in Quimper to Paris.

Such a sweet little film. With gorgeous animation. The feet and Repetto ballet shoes were beautiful. Former Paris Opera Ballet Dance Director Benjamin Millepied must have had a ball with the choreography.

Paris in the 1870's is an amazing city with Gustave Eiffel building his tower and Liberty being assembled for her trip to the United States. But the Opera House is already built and Félicie finds her way though the Paris streets to the very doors. Animated with precision the interior is very realistic and filled with little Degas style ballerinas. And with a little deception she finds her way into the Opera Ballet School and she's on her way.

But dreams can only get you so far and with the opening of an envelope you can find yourself right back in the same Brittany orphanage.

Somewhat unusually directed by Eric Summer from his also unusual screenplay about a ballet mad little redheaded orphan. And given his career hasn't been in animation. But a total triumph with directing partner Eric Warin.

A lovely post Christmas treat with lots of smiles, laughs and a few tears. Disney needs to seek out these two brilliant guys.

Opening Easter in the US you'll love it. I'm only disappointed I cannot find any merchandise to go with the film.

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