Thursday, 22 December 2016

Timeless Style By Anna Harvey

Diana was styled by Anna Harvey and now Anna has turned her hand to dressing us. Well to be honest the book is aimed at the over 50s who she says are the new 30.

For the high-spending, full-living baby boomer generation, dressing well is as important as ever – after all, if 50 is the new 30, then 60 is the new 40. But – much as the baby boomers might wish to avoid the facts – different ages bring different dressing conundrums. No-one wants to be thought of mutton dressed as lamb, but neither do they want to look like mutton dressed as more mutton. The good news is that it IS possible to be well-dressed, stylish – and happy. Timeless Style will show you how, and its author, Vogue’s Anna Harvey, who advised Diana, Princess of Wales on styling, will be the perfect guide. She is authoritative, direct, helpful, sympathetic and positive. Timeless Style covers such essentials as what to wear to suit your shape; how to disguise the bits you don’t like and show off the bits you do; what to spend money on, what to save money on – and much, much more. 

Timeless Style’s subtitle is Dressing Well for the Rest of Your Life. When you’ve read it, you’ll long to go shopping again.

Timeless Style By Anna Harvey. £12.89 at Amazon.

$19.68 at Barnes & Noble.

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