Saturday, 10 December 2016

Stevenson Brothers Unicorn Rocking Horse

As they dream their way through childhood it can only be on a Unicorn that they make their way. Stevenson Brothers are to be see on tv this Christmas where their most expensive Swarovski crystal designed rocking horses will be shown.

But this is their unicorn.

Handcrafted in Kent the unicorn can be individually designed but this standard one has a detachable horn, distressed silver/grey blue leather saddle and light grey tack. With mysterious dark eyes and a grey-blue blanket. He has white pearlescent paint with silver details and is mounted on a white painted oak base.

Medium: £3,200 (+VAT).
Large: £4,300 (+VAT).
Extra large: £5,400 (+VAT).

The Unicorn can be personalised with a secret locking compartment full of your own treasures and a plaque added to the base.

Stevenson Brothers Unicorn Rocking Horse.

A forever heirloom.

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