Monday, 5 December 2016

Moana Film Review

I was away for the opening of Moana so had a private showing of the gorgeous new Disney movie today.

Moana lives in the most beautiful Disney land. And although she wears a dress and has a cute animal pal called Heihei she doesn't describe herself as a princess. She's an explorer. In fact Disney made much of the fact that there is no love interest for Moana. Except the ocean.

And what an explorer Moana is. The lush island she lives on is slowly dying. But even as a cute Disney toddler the water has already chosen her as the one. Eventually accepting her destiny as an older girl, she travels across the sea to find the demi-god Maui. Who can right the wrong he did many years ago. And her island can live again.

But as usual nothing goes to plan. And along the way we have the reluctant demi-god, coconut pirates, a fire breathing lava goddess and HeiHei, a very funny cockerel. All set to a lively soundtrack. But I didn't think there was a song that stood out like Frozen's Let it Go. Maybe to be honest there will never be a song that captures the imagination quite like the one Elsa sings. That one currently has had 557,270,272 views. Incredible.

Moana is voiced by the young Auli’i Cravalho from Hawaii who seems perfect in the role. Dwayne Johnson voices Maui and they have good fun with the characters.

The film is beautiful and I wanted to trail my hand through the water and sink my toes into the sand. For an animated film the scenery seemed so real. My only regret with the film was that when I left there was no warm Polynesian breeze to guide me home. Only our chilly winter. And instead of sand I crunched through salt.

Very clever of Disney to make a film set in the Southern hemisphere. I'm not sure that it will have the same marketing reach as Frozen did here in the UK. Bit too cold to wear Moana's outfit at the moment. But for little girls growing up in sunnier climes it will be perfect.

I know which scenery I prefer!

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