Monday, 5 December 2016

Diptyque Holiday Collection Fragranced Candles

Every year Diptyque create a Holiday Collection that makes the home smell of Christmas. This year the candle holders themselves are the most beautifully decorated, just like theatres. And the scented candles inspired by a winter tale are a bonus.

Available individually or a set. The large candles are 190g each.

This is Act 1 with Un Encens Étoilé Candle (Sparkling incense candle).

With fairies carolling, sparkling incense and crystalline elegance. A burst of dazzling elemi and spicy cloves mingle with mysterious swirls of incense and sweet vanilla.

Diptyque Un Encens Étoilé Candle (Sparkling incense Candle). £48.00 at Diptyque.

Act 2 is the Épices et Délices (Delicious Spices Candle).

An exclusive treat, a unique recipe of delicious spices. Warm gingerbread notes mingle with tasty honey laced in hints of star anise.

Diptyque Épices et Délices (Delicious Spices Candle). £48.00 at Diptyque.

Act 3 is the Le Roi Sapin (The Festive Fir Tree) candle.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches… The incredible smell of a lush, pine-laden forest steeped in the woody tones of resin, cedar and patchouli.

Diptyque Le Roi Sapin (The Festive Fir Tree) candle. £48.00 at Diptyque.

The candles are also available as smaller individual 70g candles. £28.00 each.

Or as a set of all three acts.

Diptyque Set of 3 x 70g Holiday Candles. £80.00 at Diptyque.

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