Saturday, 10 December 2016

Allied Film Review

I managed to see Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard take on the wartime lover roles in Allied on Tuesday. Directed by Robert Zemeckis it opened last Friday.

Set in Casablanca the pair meet and their cover is as a French couple with him on leave to see his beautiful wife. I thought that the cafe scene actually looked like a set. Allo Allo? Although the filming was genuinely beautiful with gorgeous scenery. Brad's gorgeous Max and the equally gorgeous Marion's Marianne lit up the screen. As well as the Ambassador's reception with their daring assassination plan.

They make love on the day of the planned assassination and subsequently fall in love. Max proposes and asks her to come to London with him. After her background is checked as a French Resistance fighter, Marianne is allowed to join him. The pair marry and move to Hampstead where they live an idyllic existence with a well loved baby girl born during an air raid.

Max's London career as a French Canadian intelligence officer is in the ascendency and he is well thought of. Until one day a Special Operations Executive order that he will find difficult to follow. The question is whether the SOE order is a test for a bigger job. Involving the D-Day assault.

Although Max doesn't believe the order he carries out the 'blue dye' operation, while at the same time investigating the truth he doesn't want to be real. Leading to the shocking conclusion.

I enjoyed the film and would recommend it although I don't think this is going to be Brad's longed for Oscar win.

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