Saturday, 10 December 2016

A United Kingdom Film Review

I recently caught A United Kingdom and it was so very good. I hope you've already seen it.

With Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo making a beautiful couple trying to live their life. Both fine actors.

Ruth meets Seretse Khama, a law student in London, at a church social. Except he is the heir to the throne of Bechuanland. And when they fall in love it's to the disappointment of her family. And his.

Laura Carmichael plays Ruth's sister Muriel who is supportive of the couple. With Nicholas Lyndhurst and Anastasia Hille the shocked parents. Seretse's sister Naledi played by Terry Pheto is hostile to Ruth. As is his Uncle Tshekedi who rules the country with his wife Queen Ella. Played by Vusi Kunene and Abena Ayivor.

And when the couple wish to marry in 1948 the British Government makes a concerted effort to keep them apart. Not wishing to offend their friends in South Africa next door to Bechualand.

Jack Davenport and Tom Felton are the villainous British diplomatic staff who offer the couple the choices that the British government have decided for them. Lovely Jack Lowden's Tony Benn in opposition is supportive and encouraging of their situation.

Watching this true story makes it embarrassing to be British. But with their love and desire to be together the couple devise a plan to stay together.

Modern Bechueland is now Botswana and the success of the country can be traced to this moment in history. When a King was ready to give up his Kingdom for the woman he loved.

It brought tears to my eyes and sets the bar for Awards season. Directed by Amma Asante she will definitely be nominated for Best Director. With Rosamund and David up for acting awards.

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