Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nocturnal Animals Film Review

Frozen in the headlights as we speed past; the Nocturnal Animals of Tom Ford's second movie are a lot more feral. I caught the terrifying but beautiful film noir today. And it blended style with substance.

What I wasn't expecting was the art installation in the opening credits, of obese women with their bouncing boobs and apron bellies. Who may have been waving the stars and stripes and baton twirling. But I didn't even notice those! The art gallery guests loved it as a form of art. Amy Adams, as beautiful red head gallery owner Susan Morrow, not being entirely convinced of the success of the evening. But Susan has it all and gives the staff the weekend off in her beautiful Jeff Koons art filled home to go to the beach. Except perhaps success is hollow when your very good looking younger husband Arnie Hammer's financial situation is so precarious he misses your show. And doesn't even make it to bed. With you.

So curl up with a good book while said husband has to go back to New York to finish up some business. The book is a manuscript by Edward, Susan's ex husband, who she hasn't seen for 19 years. They ended badly as marriages are apt to. But this book is dedicated to Susan and an intriguing prospect. Entitled Nocturnal Animals, after his nickname for Susan.

It's a terrifying read and a whole other story. Husband Tony, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who is also Edward, and wife Laura, beautiful red head Isla Fisher, with Ellie Bamber, their beautiful red head teenage daughter India, take a night time road trip straight to Hell. Encountering the red-neck nocturnal animals en-route. Aaron Taylor-Johnson particularly scary and impressive Michael Shannon plays the Texas Ranger dealing with the case.

Meanwhile Susan is shocked by the novel and reminisces her relationship with Edward, when she met him years earlier in a romantic New York with swirling snow. It's the beginning of the romance that Susan's mother, played by a bouffant (and young!) Laura Linney, (as a Texas Trump supporter!), warns her will not work. So of course Susan married him. And after ripping his heart out professionally and romantically, for the reasons her mother predicted, leaves him for Arnie.

But maybe she was wrong all those years ago and they arrange to meet.

I mentioned the beautiful red heads as they are the heart of the story. Amy Adams obviously being the central character from which they emanate.

With gorgeous costumes by Arianne Phillips and in particular Amy's make-up by Elaine L. Offer, the film was a beautiful and stylish piece of work. With amazing cinematography by Seamus McGarvey and fine direction by Tom Ford, I feel the film will be nominated for many awards including acting throughout. And for those mentioned above. Having already won the Grand Jury Prize at this year's Venice Film Festival it's on a roll.

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  1. Oh,the film is great!!!!!