Saturday, 12 November 2016

Karl Lagerfeld Faber-Castell Karlbox Art Set

The fabulous Karlbox Art Box is a very special Christmas gift. Created by Karl Lagerfeld and Faber-Castell. Karl has 5 sets but then he is Karl Lagerfeld. The box set is available only as a limited edition of 2500. It's the sort of gift that David Beckham would buy his fashion designer wife Victoria. But sadly she admits she cannot draw so it would be wasted. But it's so beautiful I would buy it anyway David.

No self-respecting fashion designer or artist will want to be without one of these beauties in their office. Made in beech wood.

120 Albrecht Dürer Artists’ watercolour pencils.
60 Polychromos Artists’ colour pencils.
60 Polychromos Artists’ pastels.
60 PIIT artist brush pens.
30 PIIT artist fineliner pens.
3 PIIT artist metallic pens.
12 Castell 9000.
5 Castell 9000 jumbo.
5 graphite aquarelle pencil.
4 PIIT graphite crayons.
1 watercolour brush.
1 duel sharpening box Castell 9000.
1 dual metal sharpener.
1 kneadable art eraser.
1 art eraser dust-free.
1 sharpening knife.
1 sandpaper block.
1 Clic & Go water cup.

The box was created to bring together art and fashion.

Karl Lagerfeld Faber-Castell Karlbox Art Set. £2,500,00 at Harrods.

Karl Lagerfeld Colours in Black!

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