Saturday, 19 November 2016

Hansa Toys Mechanical Noah's Ark

I've seen many Noah's Arks in my time but never one as splendid as this from Hansa. With 24 handmade animals.

The animals included are
1 Salem Monkey.
1 Kangaroo.
2 Orangutan Swinging.
1 Fish.
1 Rabbit.
1 Bush Baby.
1 Zebra.
1 Rhino.
2 Marmoset.
1 Robin.
1 Blue Tit.
1 Chipmunk.
1 Giraffe.
1 Leopard.
1 Monkey.
1 Ostrich.
1 Lamb (cream).
1 Lamb (black).
1 Polar Bear Baby.
1 Tiger.
1 Chipmunk.
1 Elephant.

The Ark measures:
Length: 61".
Width: 30".
Height: 38".

And it rocks back and forward as shown.

Of course you can see how the Ark would fit into a retail environment. But the lucky children in the first photo seem to be enjoying it at home. Very impressive.

Hansa Noah's Ark. $3,192.00 at Hansa US.

Can be gift wrapped!

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