Saturday, 26 November 2016

Do-Good Christmas Elves

These baby elves are in training to be part of Santa's team. And your job is to help them know the difference between Naughty and Nice. And when they're trained they'll be reporting back to Santa to make sure the good boys and girls get their presents. And that could be you. Santa will send messages to make sure the training is going well. And hopefully the little elf from Portable North Pole will make the Nice list.

Available as a boy in green or girl in red.

Portable North Pole Girl Elf. £20.00 at John Lewis.

Portable North Pole Boy Elf. £20.00 at John Lewis.

Each Elf comes complete with his passport and stickers and access to Santa's messages

To make sure they're not too lonely a baby elf can have a pet reindeer.

This is Hani from the Polar Ranch. He's in training too. One day he might get to pull Santa's sleigh.

Portable North Pole Reindeer Hani Santa's Littlest Reindeer. £10.00 at John Lewis.

I think these are the cutest and most colourful elves available.

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