Monday, 25 April 2016

Why British Families Are In Poverty

A report released today highlighted the 'hidden poverty" across Britain.

The cities in the North of England, Midlands and Scotland which have the highest numbers of families in crisis - defined as being on a very low income and dealing with complex social issues - include Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Bradford.

Almost two in every three families receiving Buttle UK grants survive on less than £10,000 a year excluding benefits, with most having an annual income of between £6,000 and £13,000 a year.

The report also identifies five "main drivers of family crisis" - parental problems with physical or mental health, learning difficulties or an inability to cope (56% of grants), children with health or development issues (17%), young people facing estrangement or isolation (15%), children with behavioural or emotional problems (7%) and abuse or neglect (5%).

On the same day that Palestinian criminal Jamal Owda has applied for asylum in Britain after being arrested in December for smuggling migrants through Europe in a scam worth 7m.

Fighting extradition to Greece where the smuggling operation is based Jamal now claims asylum in the UK. At the expense of the British taxpayer who cannot support our nation's poor. His lawyer argues that conditions in Greek prisons are such that his right to life would be threatened under the European Convention on Human Rights if he was sent back. A 2015 report suggested that life in Greek prisons isn't as attractive as those in the UK.

And poor Jamal may even be deported back to Palestinian territories.

When he's making money in his 7m bonanza scheme he doesn't worry about such difficulties. Just now that he's threatened with deportation.

But luckily Jamal is suffering from unspecified mental health problems. And thus probably difficult to prove. Clever enough to do the crime though.

But obviously we must not send him back. For the UK are taking the most needy asylum seekers. And anyone else who can make it here.

His British lawyer is trying to arrange for an independent expert to visit a Greek prison before a full hearing in the case.

If you cannot do the time do not do the crime Jamal.

Shame on the UK for spending more money on this criminal. Instead of entertaining his claim that his human rights will be infringed if deported, he should be deported immediately. We should be spending our money on the poor of this country and sorting out their mental health problems. And not wasting our time and money on criminals that aren't even ours.

The UK is battling a vicious internal referendum over Europe. It's unlikely that we will actually Brexit. But cases like Jamal Owda do not make the case to stay anymore palatable. The Court of Human Rights is there not for you and I. But for those who break the law and get caught. And we have no need for it in the UK among law-abiding citizens.

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