Thursday, 28 April 2016

Friend Request The Film Review

No wonder Apple are losing sales. Watching new movie Friend Request everyone involved is switching their computer and phones off. Not surprising really after what they go through.

Alycia Debnam Carey as Laura is a popular and good student who accepts a Friend Request from Marina. A lonely new student. Who has no friends on Facebook!! So obviously she must be weird!!

And Marina's feeds are dark. And she really, really wants to be Laura's friend. Laura's actual friends suggest that maybe accepting Marina wasn't such a good idea. And so she does unfriend her. Big mistake.

I like a good scare and Friend Request did just that. Of course critics have rubbished the movie. The acting and dialogue are awful they say. But I went to a scary movie to be scared. Not to see Citizen Kane. And it did scare me. Things jump out at you when you're least expecting them, even though you do expect them because you're watching a scary movie.

I won't say that it's the scariest thing you'll ever see because I don't know what else you'll see. But I saw The Boy and The Witch. Both described by critics as awash with terror. And there was none.

In being unfriended, Marina sets out to make Laura as lonely as she herself is.

Her friends and family start dying in supernatural ways we never want to imagine. While tearing their hair out trichotillomania style. Like Marina herself suffers from.

Laura's Facebook Friends reduce as college friends think she is subsequently posting films of the deaths.

And a dark computer screen can be a dark mirror.

And then there were none.

I definitely thought it was a horror for today. And if you do want to see a genuine horror then this is the movie for you. Directed by Simon Verhoeven. I would happily see Friend Request 2. The ending is an obvious teaser.

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