Saturday, 30 April 2016

Demolition The Film Review

I caught Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

A human study of grief and loss seen through the eyes of a man literally breaking down himself and everything around him. The story was incredibly sad. Chris Cooper portraying the heart broken father. Jake's character Davis grieving his young wife in his own unusual way.

The jumping point is that a vending machine isn't working. In writing to the company customer services, Davis starts to pour his heart out to Karen Moreno. Played by Naomi Watts who is totally gripped by his letter. But don't imagine it's a Nicholas Sparks style love affair. There are no tears. It has grit and dust.

Karen's son Chris, played by Judah Lewis, has a hard time figuring out his sexuality. He fantasises about a guy at school while adding fashion accessories like a pro. It's interesting watching young actors and it will be worth keeping a look out for Judah in the future. He has vicariously been described as a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

Davis breaks everything down in his life. Literally with a bulldozer. To fix it. Taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut maybe. His in-laws disgusted with him at his lack of feelings. Although mother-in-law Polly Draper sure sticks the knife in and gives it a good twist.

But as often happens in life we come through the tunnel of grief and there's music and a carousel. And understanding.

Although the film was sad there was pithy comedy among the rubble.

Overall a movie that is worth seeing to understand there are many forms of grief. And Jake was looking pretty fine too. I didn't realise that men had to do so much grooming every morning!

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