Saturday, 30 April 2016

Captain America: Civil War The Film Review

To celebrate National Superhero Day I saw Captain America: Civil War yesterday.

You know I like a Superhero movie. And this was almost the full troupe. It's not a spoiler to say without Hulk and Thor though because you've already seen the trailers.

So what did we think about this giant lunch box of superhero salad?

It was Fantastic.

Everything clicked into place. Led by Captain America Steve Rogers and his perfect teeth. Aka Chris Evans. The Human Torch himself. (Or Flame Boy if you ask Phoebe). Who I got to spend some alone time with at the Winter Soldier viewing in 2014. And he's hot.

But firstly let's talk about the Marvel Avengers diversity. Two women and three African Americans in the tally. All capable of totally kicking ass.

I loved the comedy. Paul Bettany's Vision is a hoot with Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch. Discovering he can love. I loved the action and the story. I loved the stunts, especially on the bikes. And I loved the spectrum of colour clash.

Fashion wise I loved Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow's leather jackets. And Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man sometimes in Tom Ford but then he needs his Iron Man suit.

That's a lot of loves so you get the message.

But I guess you aren't going to see Captain America for the fashion. It's just me then. Unless you like Spiderman onesies.

Yes a new Spiderman. Who was a great new comedy character played by young Tom Holland. Impressive in In the Heart of the Sea. With hot aunt Marisa Tomei. Paul Rudd's Ant Man, sarcastic as always and who I loved in his stand alone film last year. (Unlike the critics). Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is back from retirement. Well when you shoot 18 in an 18 hole golf round there is nowhere left to go. And a new character Black Panther. Played by hot bodied Chadwick Boseman.

So Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier has gone AWOL, off the reservation. Sebastian Stan another hot member of the team. Catch him early in his career in The Covenant. But Captain America is his friend and he'll do anything to protect him and clear his name. Ultimately the Avengers line up against each other in an epic battle. Although maybe we aren't actually trying to kill each other really. We're just throwing punches. Because we're all friends. And it's just the politics that are forcing us to take sides.

And what of the real baddies? Daniel Brühl is the biggest and baddest of them. Although William Hurt is a bit of a baddie on the political front.

It was great fun and I know you'll love it. I try not to give any plot spoilers so just go enjoy it. It's almost 2½ long but you won't notice the time flash by and you'll come up gasping for air.

And by the way there are two trailer teasers. One right at the end of the credits if you want to wait for both.

Enjoy with a side of Joe & Sephs popcorn.

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